Thursday, 27 December 2007

Setting out...

Today, my blog sets out into the interweb for the first time, as does the reason for writing it: my sister (hereafter Kiwi Sis), her husband (Kiwi Bro) and her one-year old son (Kiwi Munchkin), who are on a plane to New Zealand as I type. They set off from Leeds Bradford airport at 1045 this morning, and have been flying pretty much constantly ever since. I went shopping and they were flying, I cooked lunch and they were flying- I will wake up tomorrow and they will still be flying. New Zealand is a REALLY long way away!

So, this blog is going to be a way to stay in touch with Kiwi Family, and to let them know the ins and outs of what we're all up to at home. I'm starting today as I'm sad that they're going, and I want to focus on good stuff instead. To kick things off, I have been doing a bit of web surfing and have found some Interesting Facts About New Zealand (courtesy of this site
and this one)

1.Wellington is the most southerly capital city on the planet

2. 20% of NZ residents were born overseas

3. Due to a decline in the NZ sheep population, there are now only 10 sheep per person (I guess there had to be a sheep fact in there somewhere)

4. NZ school students report better relations with their teachers than the average for the OECD (this is good news for Kiwi Bro, who will be teaching English at a high school come February!)

New Zealand has 6000 kilometers of coast line and nowhere is more than 120km from the coast.

NZ was the first western democracy to give women the vote

7. NZ invented the bungy jump (I'm still sorry I did it, Dad)

8. NZ has the biggest earthworms in the world

9. NZ is getting one more person than it expects when Kiwi Family arrives - Kiwi Mini-munchkin is due next July!

I feel more in touch with them already! Even if I had no one to go sales shopping with today, and ended up taking all my purchases back again. Anyway, welcome to New Zealand, Kiwi Family, and we can't wait to hear all your news when your computer arrives! xxx


Granny said...

Munchkin's Granny missing him already. Have booked the flight looking forward to a Kiwi hosting. xxx

Ilana said...

giant earthworms?? eeww, come back kiwi family! before you get eaten!

- bubs

Lysy said...

Hoooray - we're up and running! Thank you for posting, At Home Family, and I'm very glad to hear that you've booked your ticket, Munchkin's Granny.