Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy birthday Kiwi Sis!

Happy birthday to you! To help you celebrate, I have made you a Down Under cake. Long-standing NZ resident that you are, I'm sure that you can identify your birthday cake as a Lamington.

The Lamington is a cake of truly bizarre origins, allegedly taking its chocolatey coconutty form via being accidentally dropped in a bucket of gravy and then casually being thrown away into a bucket of coconut. Well, perhaps it wasn't a bucket, and the gravy somehow morphed into chocolate which is a bit less bizarre, but the whole story appealed to me. I got the recipe from Man That Cooks, and added in a layer of jam because I read that's how they're served in New Zealand. His look a lot nicer than mine though. I was so preoccupied with zooming in close that I didn't think about how the rest of the plate looked! I really should have shaken off the excess coconut, but I like to think that it will make you feel more involved in the whole creation process. I'm posting this on the 9th because it's already the 10th in New Zealand (and unless the Munchkin has got better at sleeping, you've probably been up for some time already). I'm ignoring the fact that your computer is still on a ship somewhere between here and there, and that you probably won't read this for several weeks! The Scientist has kindly tasted the cake and says it's very good. I also like the fact that it's like a pimped Lamington because it's so big for a single portion. Normally I like making mini things, so this is an extra novelty.

I am also really excited to hear that Israel Grandma and Israel uncle#1 have been reading my blog. I have a few posts planned with you in mind, so keep coming

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