Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Chocolate by post!

I have a small confession to make. The last few days I have spent the mornings on the sofa with my books and papers (and pooky cat), with the Olympics on in the background. It's brilliant - I keep just enough of an ear out for anything exciting, whilst still being able to concentrate mostly on my reading, and I've even got to keep up with a lot of the rowing. Anyway, I was sitting on the sofa yesterday, reading and half-listening away when the postman rang the doorbell. I didn't think we were expecting anything but I've often got a book on order from somewhere, and The Scientist has been known to have the odd quiet Amazon-fest. To my great delight and amazement, however, the postman handed over an oddly shaped package from California, with the return address of my very good dumpling-sharing friend Tracy!

I ripped it open to discover these lovely gems: two bars of posh American baking chocolate (100% cocoa solids - I didn't even know you could get that - well, I don't think you can here, which is why she sent me some!) and a pot of organic baking cocoa as an early birthday present. I was so touched, not least because Tracy is having a baby by caesarian TODAY and it's way beyond the call of duty that she was thinking of my birthday at all. I have some little plans for my baking goodies already, and I just wish I could share them with Tracy and her family straight away. In the meantime, I will be sending brownie vibes over the ocean to her for a happy delivery.


Johanna said...

wow - I haven't seen 100% cocoa solids chocolate before - I find 85% bitter so I'm not sure how I would go with this but intriging - look forward to hearing about your baking

Lysy said...

It sounds pretty intense, doesn't it?! I might try it out 'neat' on The Scientist who likes better chocolate than I do. I imagine it's a bit lip-puckering on its own!