Sunday, 10 May 2009

Some random facts

Holler over at Tinned Tomatoes gave me a Preemio Blogger Award - isn't that lovely! Thank you Holler! I have to tell you seven random things to claim it, so here goes (since I am very low on blog worthy photo reserves after leaving my camera in Israel and having such an elderly phone that it only makes calls)

1. I spent this morning helping The Scientist make the tea for his cricket club, and it was one of the most fun Sunday mornings I've had in ages. He calculated the composition of the sandwiches, and took care of the cheese, egg and ham fillings, and I buttered, Branston-ed and made cakes. Photos will follow soon, I hope (courtesy of Paul, whose phone is much more sophisticated than mine)

2. I associate the word 'random' with my university days - I heard it used more frequently in Fresher's week than ever before, I think.

3. I am sitting on the sofa typing this. I am under the spare duvet as it's a bit chilly and it's more environmentally friendly than turning on the heating, and I am covered in cats. They are very cute, but I discovered today that the reason my vegetable and flower seeds aren't germinating is because Mausel thinks that I have cleared the flower bed in order to make her her own bathroom. So it's a good thing for her that she's so cute.

My little sticky fruit trees in bloom!

4. I just learnt to purl, which means I can knit things other than scarves. I was given my first knitting needles at the age of five by my friend Max, but it's taken me until the age of 32 to be able to do anything useful with them (I have to admit that I don't know where those first needles are now).

5. I secretly fancy David Tennant (though Edward from Twilight comes a close second).

6. I can count to seven in Hebrew and I know the word for underpants. It has yet to be of any use in conversation.

7. I am terrible - absolutely terrible - at remembering jokes. I have messed up so many punchlines that my nickname at university was Dappy Spice, and I believed someone recently when they told me that their crisps had been flash-fried in water. What can I say - he had a trustworthy face?


Holler said...

Mmmmmm, I am all for David Tenant too! I love his voice :)

I had a blanket over me on the couch tonight, with a cat on top, but I had to keep moving him, because my leg kept going dead. Heavy cat!

Johanna said...

very entertaining - I am terrible at jokes too - and enjoyed seeing David Tennant in an old episode of Foyle's War on the weekend

Glad you have learnt to knit purl - I used to knit when younger - remember knitting at tram stops on the way to work - was discouraged when I used hand spun wool to knit a jumper and it was too tight as I didn't know that hand spum wool was a tighter knit than machine spun - hope this might be useful advice if you try knitting jumpers

Paul said...

Pic's up here feel free to insert - tea went down very well. I've got some of Rich in fine form with the bat (coming soon), and one of Chris in not so good form...

Eco Sis said...

did that flower in the 2 days since i've seen you? i'm off to GP tomorrow for 8.20am! thats a bus at like 7.15!

Lysy said...

You caught me, Eco Sis - it's a photo from a few weeks ago! I hope you get to the GPs ok at that ungodly hour.

Thanks Paul! The photos will be appearing here very soon (and Rich is looking forward to the cricket ones too)

Thanks for the knitting tip, Johanna! I haven't graduated to jumpers yet but am eyeing up a few patterns.

You are more sensible than me, Holler - I'm too soft to move the cats even when my leg is completely asleep!