Sunday, 7 June 2009

A veggie break

No, not a break from being a veggie (that will NEVER happen, and you can quote me on that), but a break in veggie heaven. We've been in the Lake District on holiday, and I have discovered that not only is it the most beautiful place I've ever been, but it is an absolute paradise for us herbivores. Never since living near Brighton have I been so well fed. Never since our last holiday in Devon have I marvelled so extensively at the beauty of the English countryside. Never since their last stay at the cattery have the cats been so unimpressed at being stuffed in a carrying box. We're all back now, and while the cats are appreciating their usual freedom and The Scientist is banging a nail into the wall for our newly acquired picture as I type, I am mournfully contemplating the prospect of having to cook my own dinner.

Just in case anyone else is looking for veggie tips for the Lakes, here are my recommendations:

Cote How Organic B&B near Rydal does veggie and vegan breakfasts, and is super eco-minded as well (plus the rooms are very luxurious, it's in the middle of beautiful nowhere, and you can walk to Grasmere from their door)

Zeferelli's restaurant in Ambleside is an amazing veggie place - wholemeal crust pizzas, chillis, stews, pastas, and all delicious enough to keep even the most suspicious omnivore happy. We ate there three times and every time it was brilliant. You can eat in the downstairs restaurant or upstairs in the jazz bar, and there's also a cinema. It's worth booking though we managed to sneak in even on a Friday night without.

The Lakeland Pedlar cafe in Keswick - great sandwiches, smoothies and general cafe fare. We both had the falafel wraps which came with proper top quality salad on the side.

The cafe at Brantwood, John Ruskin's home on Coniston Water, is good for veggies though we only ate sandwiches there. The sandwiches aren't very vegan friendly (cheese and egg) but the cooked options looked more varied.

That's just the ones we went to - there are several more around too, and all in a small part of the country without any particular pretensions to hippydom. Next time I have my eye on a couple of veggie B&Bs, but I think I'll have to go without The Scientist!

By the way, while I never intend to stray from the green and animal-friendly path again, I did have one lapse with a tuna mayonnaise sandwich when I was 16 and recovering from glandular fever - which is what the poor little Munchkin has been in hospital with this week! He's home now but we're very sorry that he and his parents have had such a nasty time, and while I couldn't condone the eating of tuna sandwiches now, I do prescribe large quantities of angel delight and ice cream (and I'm a doctor, you know).
I think he's pleased to be home :)


Rachel Cotterill said...

How funny, I just got back from Boulder (which crossed my radar as 'veggie heaven' over a decade ago) and so I'll be writing up my veggie travel highlights later this week.

I'm glad you enjoyed the lakes - my favourite veggie cafe was the Waterside in Kendal (not 100% sure whether it's still there, it's been a while since I visited - I grew up in that neck of the woods)

Johanna said...

looks gorgeous - so refreshing to get out to the country - and sounds like you found some fine places to eat - I'd love to go to vegie B&Bs too - but have found generally the the B&Bs we visited in Scotland did great veg breakfasts

Lysy said...

Johanna - thanks! I'm generally happy with the veggie options at breakfast too - so it seems a bit mean to make the carnivore go without his sausages and bacon :)

Rachel - is that Boulder Colorado? I have family there! I'll definitely go and take a look at your write-up. The Waterside was on my list too, but we didn't make it back to Kendal before we left - it's still going strong apparently!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, lovely start to a slightly anxious interview day for me.

looking forward to a veggie weekend with you although as you know i am also happy to join the Scientist in some of his gastronomic fare