Sunday, 28 February 2010

Not finishing, but getting there

I didn't register how busy I've been recently until I got home from teaching on Thursday and realised how relieved I was it's the reading week next week. I've been feeling as though I haven't been getting anything done because I haven't finished any of my big tasks, but with a bit of time away from the university, I've reflected that I've actually made a lot of progress on them all. The Scientist has been away this weekend, and so I've made sure to spend time just relaxing. I've made meals that involved minimal cooking, I've watched girly films he'd hate (Sex and the City, and Chicago - last of the highbrow academics that I am :) ), I've done lots of crafting, and I spent a really nice few hours with my friend Jane in Bicester.

The flowered tin on the top shelf was The Scientist's grandmother's button box; the one under neath it was my great-grandmother's. And the wooden box on the lower shelf was a present from The Scientist, found in an antiques shop in Lewes

One of the other things I did was sort out my crafting bits. I've been looking out for a little cabinet to go at my end of the sofa for a while, as my space is being slowly taken over by an assortment of books, knitted mice, and half-finished projects. This weekend I was doing a volunteering session at the Recycle Warehouse in Leamington, and found what I hoped was just the thing. I brought it back and was delighted to discover that it fitted the space perfectly - and all my bits and pieces fitted it perfectly too. I really can't buy any more craft books now though :) I spent ages sorting out all my embroidery threads and now I feel all happy and organised.

Look! Escaped mice!

I also pounced on this lovely item at the Recycle Warehouse:

It had only just been brought in, and it's full of someone's old sewing things. I wonder who they were, and am a bit sad that no one in their family wanted it (although not that sad, since it meant I got to revel in it instead). It even goes with the cabinet, and for a hoarding social historian it was a perfect addition to my new-look sewing station.

While I'm on the topic, I can't say enough good things about the Recycle Warehouse. I volunteer there once a month or so, and it's full of weird and wonderful things that people don't want any more. I usually limit myself to picking up a few books but this time I got a bit carried away. It's just amazing what people bring in (and quite horrifying sometimes too) but I love seeing things find a new home when their old owners had decided they were junk. Someone brought in a little unit about the size of my sewing station this week, but the front pulled forward on a hinge to reveal a chute for coal. It didn't stick around for long - I wonder what the new owners will use it for? Anyway, if you're local I recommend taking a look. It's run by Action 21, who put all the profits back into their other local community and environmental initiatives. And if you want to feel good about yourself and get a discount on all the items that take your fancy, then become a volunteer!

And on the craft note, one of the members of my sewing group is having a felt give-away! Have a look at her blog, the Felt Fairy

The Recycle Warehouse is at the Princes Drive Recycling Centre, Leamington Spa, CV31 3PH


The Felt Fairy! x said...

Wow! The sewing box was a great find. I too love the 'tip shop' as I call it! It is so hard to go there without coming out with loads and loads of gorgeous things!

Johanna GGG said...

I love your cabinet and sewing box but I agree that it makes you wonder about the stories behind them

The recycled warehouse sounds like a treasure trove but our place is too cluttered for me to be let loose in such a place so perhaps it is lucky it is over the other side of the world - though I would love a browse

Julie said...

We have a sewing box like that one in Barcelona - I don't know if it belonged to my grandmother, great-aunt or who, but I will now look upon it with fonder eyes! The little cabinet is a fantastic find - I think I'm developing a storage fetish, as I dream of someday owning chests and boxes to keep various things in. Wonder if there's a similar recycling place anywhere near us...?

Lysy said...

I agree that it's a bit of a hazard going in to the recycle place - I'm usually saved by the fact I'm on my bike, but I had to give in when I saw the cabinet and sewing box (and I haven't even admitted to the other things I picked up!)

Julie - I sympathise. There's something very attractive about old chests, isn't there! Sadly we don't have any more room :( But Isabel must need a toy chest?? I'd love to know about the story behind your family sewing box if you manage to find it out! And Cambridge is such a right-on place that it must have something like our recycle shop somewhere.