Saturday, 24 April 2010

Some favourite things

I have been shamed into getting back over here after Caroline pointed out that she had been seeing the same peach and basil muffins for a very long time! I didn't want to do another post until I could respond to an award Johanna gave me though, and that involved actually getting round to photographing some stuff, so that gave me the boost to use the nice spring light this morning and get myself in gear.

The award is a 'Ten favourite things' one, which is pretty much as it sounds. Since number 1 is baking, number 2 is crafting, and number 3 is the British countryside I thought I would illustrate my list with some of my recent projects and some snaps of our recent trip to the Highlands of Scotland. So, here goes:

1. Baking

The gift I made for the friends whose wedding we were going to in the Highlands: a set of table mats and coasters using some of the Liberty fabric I bought in Stratford. I know it's not exactly baking-related, but I'm it will help to show off some tasty baked goods.

2. Crafting

Some of my favourite things illustrated in embroidery (using a new book called Sublime Stitching). I know, I should have ironed it. Feminism is about choosing whether or not to do housework in my book.

3. Walking in the British countryside (current top three places: The Lakes, Dartmoor, the Highlands)

View from the top of Cairn Gorm (we got the furnicular railway; our friends did it properly and walked)

4. Should be top really: my house and all who live in it :)

Really easy knitted bag - just go round and round and round on circular needles. I need to practise my intarsia stitches, but it was my first time trying

5. My lovely friends - especially the ones I made in Cambridge and now in Leamington - plus Eco Sis and Kiwi Sis who don't get any choice in the matter.

Knitted mice, who have started a colony on the arm of the sofa

5. English tea shops - tea, scones, toasted tea cakes - who needs fancy cupcakes?

Beautiful spring day - and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Our friends couldn't have asked for a better day for their wedding

6. Second hand bookshops (best one ever: in Chatham, Kent - can't remember the name, unfortunately, but it even kept the Sci Fi-loving Scientist happy)

7. Markets - of any description.

We may have visited a whisky distillery the morning of the wedding...

8. Pick 'n mixes - I have no idea why since I can't eat most of the things in pick 'n mix sweets, but I especially love the ones with dried fruits and wasabi covered peas and things. I even got excited about a salad leaves one in an Aussie supermarket once.

Sock toy: yes, he used to be a sock, now he's too cute to give away (though the Munchkin has one of his own, made from a pair of socks that got left behind after Kiwi Family came to visit)

9. Curling up on the sofa with The Scientist and a smattering of cats to watch whatever dvd series we're currently hooked on.

Scottish castle

10. History - makes me who I am. Enough said.

Thank you, Johanna, for thinking of me for this meme, and sorry it took me so long!!


Caroline said...

l a little guilty about shaming you, but it's all made better thanks to pretty pictures! Love the colony of mice - made me giggle! xx

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

I could have been reading my own top 10 there (except the wasabi covered nuts - you can keep them). We love curling up on the sofa with box sets too - have just finished 'Band of Brothers' and it's given me a new appreciation of life and how easy it is really compared with what soldiers in WW2 faced.

Lysy said...

Don't feel guilty, Caroline - I needed the boost!

I'm glad you liked the top 10, Nic, and Band of Brothers is on our list of top 10 dvds too! We thought it was completely harrowing but completely addictive - have you seen the same directors are doing one about the Pacific theatre? I think it's on Sky at the moment.

Eco Sis said...

1) perhaps feminism is having written several books yourself ;)

2) I thought i was going to be Dr Eco Sis from now on?

3) yay for the new post...

see you in a few days Lysy Sis xx

Lysy said...

Ooops, sorry Dr Eco! It won't happen again, I promise :)

Johanna GGG said...

Great list and great photos - was worth the wait - I love all your crafting pics

those mice are gorgeous - do the cats love playing with them. I have started knitting a small scarf for sylvia (and struggling to find time to do even that) zinc is most interested when I am knitting

I love lots of things you have there - teas, markets, bookshops, history and snuggling on the sofa - but we are having trouble making a dint in our box sets at the moment