Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Holiday highlights

We're back from a wonderful two and a half weeks away. We were mainly in Vancouver and the Rockies, with a few days in Boston on the way back, so I could go shopping for baking chocolate. Oh no, I remember the line now: so The Scientist could give a paper at a prestigious international conference. Here are some highlights:

First time I've ever seen tofu scramble on the menu in a cafe. It was much nicer than I expected!

Lots of time spent in coffee shops (this one, Agro cafe, Granville Island)

World famous Japadog stand (in several Vancouver locations). I won't show you the picture of The Scientist stuffing his face with his terimayo dog. It's exactly the same as the photo I have of him stuffing his face with a wurst in Munich, but it had seaweed on it. He said it was amazing. They do veggie dogs too, but I wasn't hungry.

Cherries. I ate a LOT of cherries. They were just sooooo good. I envy you your West Coast fresh produce, Vancouverites

We didn't see a bear. I don't mind. I was scared

View down the high street in Banff. Beats traffic and Primark, doesn't it?

Saw a lot of waterfalls and took a lot of photos. I'm a bit obsessed with how beautiful waterfalls are. I liked it that I managed to get the rainbow in this one

Athabasca Glacier. Beautiful. Used to be much bigger. This makes me more depressed than almost anything else except the polar bears.

And perhaps the best bit: spending time with the glorious Norse God and Goddess - the reason we made the trip over there (and worth every mile :) )

Travel's great. But it's great to come home, too.
That's my giant crochet granny square under the pook, made after a workshop run by the lovely Roisin. I turned it into a star for a bit of variety.


Roisin Muldoon said...

What beautiful photographs, I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see you properly to catch up. Well done also on the blanket - it looks great!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice time. Your photos are great! It'll be good to hear the stories in person, around a pub table. Maybe Friday?

Eco Sis said...

yay for coming home (and all the lovely stuff you did) :)

Kate said...

Missed you muchly! Looks like you had an amazing time - can't wait to see you to catch up.

Johanna GGG said...

Love your travelogue - beautiful views and am glad you loved scrambled tofu - I love it and now want a plateful - but that photo of pookie and the rug is priceless - home is wonderful after travels