Monday, 4 February 2008

Sick parrots and tiddly poms

Here is the scene: it is 3.15 on Monday morning. The Scientist comes upstairs admirably quietly, but I wake up:
Me (blearily): who won?
The Scientist: The Giants
Me (brain slowly processing that Giants are not Parrots): What?????
The Scientist (nudging small cat who has been allowed to sleep on the bed with me, out of the way): Yes, in the closing minutes, very exciting...(proceeds to fall asleep while I suffer extreme insomnia and have to find my torch and spend half the rest of the night reading Harry Potter. At least the cat was happy).

So, that is positively the last time I leave a game early. On Saturday I went out to the gym in the middle of the England rugby match, leaving us comfortably in the lead. When I came back we had inexplicably lost. And last night I went to bed just after the end of the first quarter, with the Parrots convincingly ahead, and what happens...? Cupcake Project's extra cheese and bacon must have trumped my less cheesey snacks. My only consolation is that the Giants' quarterback was named Most Valuable Player, thus living up to his older brother's record last year. Evidently mythological creatures beat birds.

In other news, Kiwi Bro started work at his new school today, and was greeted by a haka! To wish him luck, I have composed some tiddlies from a Pom (but please don't analyse their literary merit!):

There once was a young Kiwi Munchkin
Who had nothing to carry his lunch in
His stuff was all shipped
But the schedule had slipped
'The company needs a good punchin''
Said Munchkin

Kiwi Family lives by the sea
And have vegemite spread for their tea
Spurilina is great
But the bungy will wait
And they wish calling England was free

I need sleep. I pity the students in my lecture tomorrow.

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