Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Pizza party!

This is another blog challenge post – they all seem to be clustering up! This time it’s for Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness’s monthly cocktail and canapé party, and this month the theme is pizza. Who could resist a theme like that?? I like making pizza, but wanted to do something a little bit different for this one. I’d read a recipe for potato focaccia on Wednesday Chef's blog which sounded as though it had been through a whole process of trial and improvement (I'm always one to jump on the product of someone else's hard work!) It was The Scientist who came up with the final touch though - traffic light pizza! I think he was still in experimental Master Chef mode.

The focaccia was nice and easy to make, though mine didn't rise too much - I must buy a proper thermometer. The dough had a pleasingly soft texture to it and it filled the pan nicely. I topped it with some slow roasted tomatoes, which were another innovation (slice tomatoes, place cut side uppermost on a lightly oiled baking tray, scatter fresh basil or other herbs over the top, plus sea salt and some oil, and roast at a low heat for several hours. I actually left them in the oven with the heat off for a few more hours and I think it all just adds to the flavour). I used orange and green peppers for the other 'lights'. I thought it tasted amazing and snaffled up much more than my fair share. You could taste the potato and it give the bread a nice soft lightness. The Scientist found it a bit doughy in the middle, but he happily ate around the edges, and I could probably get round that another time by making it thinner. I would definitely make it again. We ate it with a tomaticon stew from a Moosewood book - not my usual one, but I copied it down from my friend Tracy and I'm not sure which one it was. Good little researcher that I am, I know I wrote down the whole reference, but it was on one of my other bits of paper. The Scientist cooked it while I was at the gym so perhaps I'll post the recipe another time if I make it myself.

To go with my traffic light pizza I am offering Green for Go cocktails - I have no idea what went in them as they were the product of a 'what's in the booze cupboard' evening with The Scientist's sister and brother in law. I have a feeling that Midori was a central ingredient though!

And lastly, here's that other little gift I was making for Rose:

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LisaRene said...

Traffic light pizza, what fun! Olive oil rich focaccia is so delicious, I have one retarding in the refrigerator for tomorrow nights dinner as I type this. I actually kind of enjoy a bit doughy bread, I would have eaten every bite! Roasted tomatoes are a wonderful topping, it's nice that you took the time to roast them yourself.

Lovely needle point work!