Friday, 28 March 2008

Quarter-versary cookies

I was wandering about in the supermarket yesterday in that dangerously unfocused state of mind which always has bad effects on the wallet when I noticed some reduced mini creme eggs. I wouldn’t usually buy them (the goopy bit makes me feel sick) but I thought they might come in handy for a baking project, so I popped them in the basket. I had some inspiration on how to use them the very next day, as I wanted to make something a little bit special and a little bit personal. For today it is three months since Kiwi Family arrived in New Zealand.

It’s been a tough three months on both sides I imagine, but with no land line and no computer at their end, it’s been hard not knowing how they’re getting on. We’ve exchanged letters and texts, and we have spoken on the phone a few times, but we’re all looking forward to being in touch more regularly. I have text message sized snippets of what the Munchkin is up to (in the paddling pool with a soggy biscuit, or this morning, with his breakfast all over him). He’s 18 months old now, and TALKING for heaven’s sake. Roll on skype.

I wanted to bake something to mark their first quarter-year, preferably something which would mean something to Kiwi Sis. I settled on another family favourite – a simple chocolate chip cookie, but known for some reason as chocolate chip cuckoos among us. But instead of normal chocolate chips, I would use the mini eggs. Creme eggs do make me think of Kiwi Sis, not because I’ve ever seen her eat one I don’t think, but because she was sweet enough to send some out to one of our Israeli uncles one year. I imagine you can probably get creme eggs in New Zealand, so I’m sending her these pictures of eggs in a cuckoo instead. I will take the real things to Oxford tomorrow when we visit Eco Sis and Eco Bro, so we will toast Kiwi Family in goop.

I had imagined nice thick cookies with glistening pearls of sliced creme egg peeping through the shell – but of course they didn’t turn out quite that way. I divided the mixture in two and added chopped up eggs to one half, but just in case that didn’t work I left the other half plain and added eggs bits to the top only. The latter batch kept their shape much better and so are much more photogenic, but insofar as the creme egg bits didn’t explode, goop all over the baking tray or turn the cookies yellow, they worked in the batter as well. I don’t know why these ones kept their shape better as I did them both at the same time and got equally exasperated with how sticky they (and I) got in each case. I think that I will favour the messy ones though as I took them out slightly earlier and I like a gooey cookie. Sorry, cuckoo. I would LOVE it if Kiwi Sis made a batch too and then sent over a picture of The Munchkin covered in goop. Go on, if I can’t spoil him in person…

Chocolate chip cuckoos (makes about 12 medium sized cookies)
125g butter/marge
125g sugar
125g brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
275g self raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
125g choc chips (any sort - or chopped up mini eggs)

Cream together first four ingredients, add lightly beaten egg, mixing well. Mix in sifted flour and salt. Add choc chips and mix well. I generally refrigerate it for a bit at this stage but I don't know if it really needs it. Bake at 190-200 degrees C for 10-12 mins


LisaRene said...

That is so funny that you used mini cream eggs, Cadbury I assume. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I happily eat at least one each year around Easter then regret it a few minutes later :( Sounds like you feel similar.

However, I do love the Cadbury mini eggs that are solid milk chocolate encased in a pastel candy coating. Very glad they are only available for a short while at Easter or I'd be eating them all the time.

Are you familiar with the Master Baker roundup? The March ingredient is Easter Candy, you may want to enter your cookies.

By the way, I did really like the Green & Black's chocolate that I received from BBM. What I really liked about the "Maya Gold" is that it had a creamy texture for a dark chocolate and the orange flavor and spices were very predominant, which was desirable. The other one I received was "Milk" but a bit heavier then most milk chocolate. It was very good and my favorite as I tend to prefer milk chocolate over dark. We do have Green & Black's in the states and I will be buying it in the future!

Ilana said...

they were very yummy, and i agree that the slightly goopier batch were the best

Katherine said...

I'll have a go but I'm unconvinced about the creme eggs being included - seems mad to mess with the best!! Munchkin's never had a creme egg so I'd imagine he'll be all for the idea. Don't know if can still get them though as it's approaching the end of April!