Wednesday, 23 April 2008

No matzah sandwiches here

Matzah sandwiches were the least good part of Passover as a child. Matzah bri (rhymes with fry), however, was one of the goodies. I was working at home on Monday and decided to make some for my lunch. It’s just scrambled egg with matzah in it really, but you leave the matzah to soak for a bit so that it goes soft. I haven’t had it in years and there’s no earthly reason why you need to wait for Passover, but it was just as good as I remembered it. I ate mine Anglo-style, with some baked beans and a veggie sausage. I probably just ate it on its own when I was little. If you like your matzah crunchy you could just soak it for less time - which is in fact what The Scientist did when he was working at home yesterday. I was so proud when I got home and found he’d made matzah bri. In fact I probably kvelled.

Matzah bri

Serves me

One sheet of matzah broken up into largish bits
1 egg, beaten
Salt and pepper, to taste.

Soak the matzah in the beaten egg until it’s soft (I probably gave it 15-20 mins). Scramble in a small pan as you would scrambled eggs. Season to taste. That’s it!


Ilana said...

i dunno, i made it yesterday and it wasn't as exciting as i remembered... the chocolate matza is just as good tho :)

Lysy said...

Chocolate matzah - it's just wrong. Chocolate spread ON matzah yes, manufactured matzah with the chocolate already on it, no. I've got a recipe for matzah lasagne too, but thought that that would be worse than Milk From a Bean as far as TS was concerned!

Munchkin Granny: amazing coincidence, but someone I'm collaborating with lives off L Road in Ealing! What number did we use to live at? He says he'll go and take a photo for me!

Ilana said...

i have to disagree. chocolate matzah - it's just so yummy... :)