Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Recycled cupcake for Earth Day

The theme of Cupcake Hero this month is Earth Day, which was on April 22nd. I decided to produce a cupcake which had as small an energy footprint as possible. Perhaps I should have looked into building a fire from locally foraged wood; or powering the oven with the random walk of a cat (too random), but instead I opened the freezer and ferreted about until I found one of my favourite cupcakes – a jam and cinnamon number which I had stashed away after some earlier baking adventure. I left it to defrost on its own overnight, and then I decorated it with ingredients I already had – namely, sliced British strawberries, and applesauce bought from the local health food shop (not home-made, unfortunately – I did make some the other day, but we ate it all up on pancakes :) ).

Is that cheating? Well, perhaps, but I think that the thought behind it is sound. Firstly, I haven’t made something new that I didn’t really need when I had something perfectly good already. Secondly, I didn’t heat the oven unnecessarily and so saved energy. Thirdly, I have demonstrated my dislike of supporting green causes by buying extra stuff. Fourthly, I’ve used in-season products (the jam in the cupcakes was home-made using locally grown berries). And fifthly – well, who needs a fifthly when they’ve just produced one of the most yummy cupcakes on the Earth with minimal energy usage?

The original recipe was from Cooking Light, although I used blackberry jam instead of strawberry this time. Either is wonderful.

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