Friday, 26 September 2008

May I introduce...our fridge?

Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking has come up with a cute suggestion: people post photographs of their fridges to show what they reveal about themselves. I went and had a look at our fridge to see what it said about us and discovered that it's quite an insight. According to our fridge, we like to feature our close friends and family prominently in our lives, we like to be inspired by little sayings and reminders of holiday times, and we like chess. The former are both definitely true; the latter is true in theory but not really translated into reality. I bought the chess set because The Scientist is a fan but I thought that our temperaments made us completely unsuited to playing each other face to face. He would ponder each move until I was ready to fall asleep and I would be impetuous and fail to think my moves through. We did have one successful game (for which read: I didn't lose immediately), but as you can see, one of the pawns got lost in our house move, and Lego Obi Won Kenobi is having to do stand-in duty. We may play again some time.

The magnets are mainly nice little reminders of holidays. The Australia ones are obvious, and the two coloured oblongs are inspiring sayings bought from the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. The lighter blue oblong which says 'This above all to thine own self be true' was a present from Eco Sis from Stratford a few weeks ago and I was very touched by it because it's something I would have picked out as meaningful myself (have I mentioned that we went to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet at the RSC this It was amazing). The banana magnet is a friend of the set I made a few months back to send to friends and the smaller sayings were put together by Eco Sis and she picked out which ones to feature on the fridge just last weekend (she didn't know it was going to be featured on the blog, so no 'which ones make us look the coolest', I promise!).

And the photos - ah, the photos. They're mainly ones which people have sent me, and so any omissions are not deliberate. Of course I don't normally cover up people's faces but I don't like to play hard and fast with their identities. Let's just say that they're people who appear often on this blog (the blue denim jacket-ed sleeve? that's me - and the little guy under the possum magnet -well that's a certain munchkin. He was joined on the fridge after I took this photo by a lovely new picture of his sister the Munchkinette which just arrived from New Zealand in the post).

I suspect that our fridge is exactly the same as everyone else's, but I quite like its little reminders and happy things. Above all, it seems to rather imply that Eco Sis is one of my bestest friends, which is absolutely right! And that I can't shut up and let a photo speak for itself. Stop. No, leave it there. No more words.... Really.


Ilana said...

yay, tis all true :)

i bought more material today for all the borders of my quilt but they are not as bright and swirly as i had hoped... we also saw a book in the charity shop called 1001 walks in britain which looks great and i'm sure has walks near you, near us and everywhere in between!

see you soon fellow ;)

Eco xx

Johanna said...

Love seeing the fridge door - do you actually play chess at the fridge or do you have a set where you can relax while the Scientist makes his decisions - I am a chess novice but was amazed to see recently that our state library has a whole room dedicated to chess sets and books!

And I was jealous of you seeing David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet - sounds great

Lysy said...

I look forward to seeing the new fabric, Eco Sis (and to trying out some of the walks. Do they have a children's section? That seems to be about our standard!)

Johanna - we did actually play on the fridge door which was quite funny to see (actually quite hard to keep a proper perspective on what was going on though, which is my excuse for why I lost). I'm not sure how a proper set would work with the cats!

Hamlet was absolutely amazing. I wish I could go again but it's sold out forever, I think.