Friday, 16 January 2009

A birthday quilt for MG

I've had an enforced rest from blogging for a week or so because my laptop became suddenly stricken with a nasty and debilitating sickness, and had to be rushed to the nice tech support people at the university for immediate attention. One brain transplant later (isn't modern medicine wonderful?) and a small amount of anxious waiting to find out what had happened to all my files, we are all now recovering, eating ice cream and happy to receive visitors.

Our first post back (my laptop has taken on some sort of collaborative role in this now after its hairy experience) is a quick one to say 'Happy birthday!' to Munchkin Granny. Her present has been an ongoing and - for the first time - collaborative quilt-making project between me and Eco Sis. We sewed half the smaller squares each using our own fabrics, and then swapped them about to make up the bigger squares. We unveiled it in its partially finished state at Christmas but then took it straight back again to sew the strips together, add the borders, wad, back and finish it. It's now, ahem, nearly finished, but I wanted MG to have a picture of it to open on her birthday when Eco Sis goes to visit her tonight. It's to go at the bottom of her bed to keep her feet toastie in the chilly winter nights! Happy birthday, MG!!


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Pretty quilt !! Your mother's going to be delighted .

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to warming those toes - thank you SO much
granny Munchkin xx

Johanna said...

Lovely quilt and am glad your computer is recovering well - it's a terrible thing to have out of action - especially such an important collaborative partner in your blogging :-)

Holler said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! I am very impressed, having no skill to make one myself. Such a thoughtful gift.

ps hope your pc is in the best of health now :)

pps I made your beer bread and it is so good. It is now classed as a favourite in our house and I think I will be making a lot more of it and trying out different flavours. Thanks for the recipe :)