Thursday, 1 January 2009

Johanna's gorgeous grubs

I've been yearning after making Johanna's grubs for ages after she wrote so enticingly about them on her blog. I had absolutely no idea what they were when I first read the name, but more reading revealed that they are part of an Australian attachment to goodies based on condensed milk. Johanna said that they are a favourite of hers, and she's even tried a gluten-free version for her little niece. As I've said before, I rarely use condensed milk but I had bought some to make fudge and then used a regular milk-based recipe instead. There was only one recipe that abandoned tin was destined for, and I whipped up a batch of experimental grubs for the dessert buffet at our new year's party (the other stars were The Scientist's trifle, and some chocolate-orange cupcakes with chocolate-orange ganache).

Johanna's description of how to make the grubs is so sweet that I won't write out the recipe again but just link straight to it. I followed her long method as I wanted to do it properly but the only time-consuming part is crushing the biscuits. I used Rich Tea biscuits and crushed a few at a time until I got to the desired consistency. I used unsweetened coconut but the grubs were still plenty sweet enough, what with the condensed milk, and we tried them both straight from the fridge, and after being stored in an airtight box on the worktop (Johanna's preference). Both were a perfectly sweet bite-sized treat. I quite liked the added chill that the fridge gave them but our party guests and also Vet Mum and Dad who visited the day before gobbled both up. I am rapidly being converted to the many uses of condensed milk! I packed most of the leftover ones up for the Ecos to take away with them after the party - and the only reason that there were any left at all was because The Scientist's trifle was such a total triumph. Christmas is not Christmas in his family without a big trifle made by his dad, and so I suggested that he took on the mantle in our house this year. He's even kind enough to use veggie jelly - even though it means less for him!


Ricki said...

So funny--I've been hankering after these since I read about them, too, and tried them over the holidays. YUM! Your description is great, too. Glad they were a hit!

Johanna said...

so glad they were enjoyed - they are so simple and delicious - like many things with condensed milk - I am convinced it tastes so good that you don't need much else to make great tasting sweet treats!

sounds like a great dessert buffet - and I am sure the Scientist impresses with his trifle-making