Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas crafts

The festive season is a time when foody bloggers everywhere are cracking out the sugar, chocolate, cream and cranberries to combine in ingenious ways to express their love for friends and family. For me, this year's little home-made offerings have mainly involved wool and fabric rather than edibles. Here's a selection which speak for themselves:

Felt and button advent calendar, one made for the Munchkin and Munchkinette, and one for Science Nephew

Jewellery case made for a secret santa with my new crafting buddies- we each provided materials and selected a pack for each other to make something from

Leopard and Snow Leopard costumes for the Munchkin and Munchkinette (pictured). I want one too!

And lastly, one which I forgot to photograph, but which its new owner fortunately did - this little gift which went to the lovely Johanna for her daughter Sylvia. I was sad not to be able to fit in a trip to see them when they were in Scotland last month, but you can read all about their holidays at Johanna's blog.

There are more coming, but not yet delivered to their recipients! In the meantime, have a happy festive season everyone! xx


Rachel Cotterill said...

I absolutely love that advent calendar.

Johanna said...

how clever are you - I am all thumbs with a needle and thread but I love seeing your creations - I'd love a snow leopard suit too - and the munchkin giraffe is lots of fun for sylvia - thanks again

Julie said...

Yay! The blog is back! In awe of your productions - is there anything you won't attempt? Hope you are having a great holiday and look forward to seeing you soon.