Sunday, 3 January 2010

Crafty Christmas cont'd

I hope you all had a fun festive season. We did - lots of eating, relaxing and spending time together. I will miss The Scientist when he goes off to work tomorrow :(

We were given some lovely presents by friends and family. Here are a few more of the home-made items we gave in return:

Knitted hat and gloves for Eco Sis

Woolly bear, for Vet Grub

Ever-growing litter of pigs - so cute I keep making more, but I suspect they will be joining Kiwi Family's household at some stage

As you can see, knitting is the new patchwork in our house, much to Mausel's delight (it's a game, a game!). The bear and the pigs, as well as a whole lot of stripy mice I haven't photographed yet, are from this brilliant book. The patterns vary in difficulty but there's a glossary of knitting techniques, and most of the toys are made in only a few pieces. I'd definitely recommend it. I made an elephant too but he came out a bit droopy so I've unravelled him and am going to try again using smaller needles.


Johanna said...

love seeing your knitting - the pigs and bear are amazing - I am tempted to take up the knitting needles again for sylvie but am afraid before I finish anything she will have grown - but if I could just get myself to knit a scarf that would be a start

Lysy said...

Glad you like them Johanna :) You should definitely give it a try - baby things are quite quick and always seem to turn out bigger than you think they will anyway! The first proper thing I knitted was a garter stitch (ie all knit, no purl) cardigan for the Munchkinette, and that was only last summer. I'm making another one now for a friend's baby and I did the whole back and most of one side in a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening. Of course it helps if you don't have the baby around wanting attention!

Julie said...

The pigs are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow these are fantastic!! I am in Edinburgh right now and have seen a couple of really lovely knitting shops - not use to me (yet at least) but I did think of you!

Lysy said...

I need outlets Julie - do you think Isabel would consider volunteering?!

Kate - that's so sweet of you! If you buy some I will try to teach you!