Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Buffy bites

After failing to make Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness's street food cocktail party last month I'm pleased to be back on track for this month's event - a Buffy Bash! I've never seen a whole episode of Buffy though I sat through the film that preceded the series once, but I'm not sure you can be a student in the 1990s without absorbing Buffy-culture. Especially not if you live with as big a sci-fi fan as The Scientist. I do know, though, that Buffy was written by Joss Whedon, who also wrote Firefly and the film Serenity, which I have seen or I think The Scientist would have sued for (non)divorce. I did quite like them, actually - I like the engineer character (I've forgotten her name and can't ask The Scientist because he is taking part in his first online poker game and I don't want to be accused of breaking his concentration). Anyway, I thought of going down the pink and girly route for the blog party, which seems to be Buffy's trademark (who is called Buffy anyway - is it a nickname?). But in the end I went for Slayer Tombstones with blood-red relish and anti-vampire garlic dip.

I always have more difficulty thinking of drinks to take along to Stephanie's parties. I'm not a big drinker and our 'cocktail cabinet' is somewhat random. I'm quite pleased with what I came up with though - Nosferatu's bane (The Scientist came up with that one just now in a brief break from play). I should say that I'm pleased with the idea - the reality tasted absolutely disgusting and I would not recommend that Stephanie pass it around her guests unless she wants it to be her last cocktail party. I found it on this website where it was listed as a natural hay fever remedy. I hope it does something useful as it certainly serves no agreeable purpose as a drink. It consisted of water which had been boiled with garlic cloves, mixed with half that quantity of cider vinegar, and some honey (if you actually want to try it, I'd go for a LOT of honey). It looked a lot like a nice glass of wine and I kept almost being tempted to try it, but one small sip left me reeling from vinegar fumes so I'm afraid it didn't last much longer than its photography pose.

Still, it was good fun and the tombstones were great, as were both the dips. The garlic one was a new invention - I bought a jar of garlic relish at the weekend, and we just mixed it with some Greek yogurt. We'll be revisiting that one - though perhaps without the cocktail. We'll take our chances with Nosferatu.


Johanna said...

great fun! I love the name of your cocktail although probably wouldn't fancy drinking it either - I like the sound of Stephanie's parties but am not much of a cocktail person. But I do like a good theme

I came to the buffy series a bit late when I met E and he was an avid fan but it was lots of fun if you could get past the scary bits.

Lysy said...

Perhaps I should give it another go some time. I have a friend who has ALL the dvds, so it could keep us going for a while! We're making our way through her collection of 'House' dvds at the moment - she's a good friend to have for evening entertainment!

It sounds as though E and The Scientist would get on well. We have Babylon 5, Serenity, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica dvds galore round here, though I tend to read cookbooks while they're on!

Ilana said...

they look so fun! and yummy :)

i made stuffed aubergine tonight, was proud...

LisaRene said...

Great idea! How inventive, tombstones and garlic dip. What a fun appetizer.

I'm have never watched a Buffy episode so will not participate in this blog party. It will be fun to see what everyone else cooks up