Monday, 19 May 2008

A quilt for Isabel

My friend Julie has become a mum for the first time! Young Isabel made her appearance last week, and mother and daughter are both doing well. This exciting event leads me to mention a hobby previously absent from this blog: patchwork. Kiwi Sis and I have always been quite crafty, and Kiwi Sis has actually been doing a machine patchwork course herself in New Zealand, so I expect to be challenged on my amateur ways any day now! For the last few years I’ve been making cot quilts as presents for my friends’ new babies – I love doing it and I’m always incredibly touched at how much people seem to like them. I’d made Julie’s – sorry, Isabel’s – early because I wanted to give it to Julie in person, so I’m not spoiling any surprises by posting a picture here.

Julie didn’t know the sex of her baby in advance so I kept the colours gender-neutral, with a nod to the scarlet she wore in her wedding dress. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Julie yet, and I imagine that she’s probably a bit busy going ‘ouch, I hurt’ and ‘aaaargh, I’m a mother’ to be reading this, but we had a little toast to her, her husband and her daughter – spot where the wine’s from, Julie (but ignore its name!)?

¡enhorabuena! May the start of your family life together be very, very sweet.

I realised while going through my photos for pictures of other quilts that I actually haven’t been very good at recording them before sending them off to their new little owners. Here are some of those I have recorded, and there will be more coming in the next few months. I’ve had to start asking my friends to get pregnant in an orderly manner so I can keep up!

The mother of all the quilts: the first and hugest

Callum's quilt
Munchkin's quilt (modelled by a pook)

Zoe's quilt


LisaRene said...

What talent! I really like "Zoe's Quilt" with it's irregular edge, just beautiful. I can only imagine the time and patience required to make one of these lovely quilts. They are an amazingly thoughtful and personal baby gift!

I've been thinking about the next theme - how about American Picnic/English Hamper in any style of your liking; flamboyant gourmet, romantic, casual afternoon in a park, watching rowing, etc. I thought it an appropriate theme for the summer. You wouldn't even have to go to a park to enjoy your picnic, not with your new patio and growing trees :)

How about we plan on posting June 30th but certainly let me know if you need more time as I know we all tend to get busier during the summer months.

Lysy said...

I really liked the edging of Zoe's quilt too, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be! I'm working on my most complicated one yet at the moment, but the baby it's for made his appearance yesterday, so I have to get a move on!

I think the picnic theme is a great idea. I have been mulling ideas already... (and I like the idea of eating it on the patio)

Ilana said...

yes zoe's is great, very wiggly :)

Julie said...

Just had a hormonal post-natal moment reading this! Very flattered that Isabel gets a mention in your blog, and touched that you toasted us (with a very good wine!). Thank you! The quilt is currently covering her cot, and has been much admired.

Lysy said...

I'm so pleased you liked the post, Julie, and lovely to see that you're still reading (I take this to be a good sign on general coping with baby-ness?!). I look forward to seeing Isabel modelling her quilt in person very soon.