Friday, 2 May 2008

Kiwi Sis - in her own words

I thought it was about time that Kiwi Sis was properly welcomed to this blog since it was all started in her honour. So here are her answers to some probing questions…

What are the three best things about living in New Zealand?
The fact that summer has gone on forever [I don’t wish to hear about that, thank you very much]
The scenery is amazing and loads of people live on farms which is great.
People are really friendly

3 new favourite places
The beach
Mainly Music at Durie Hill
My fabulous bed which is Queen size - boo sucks to normal size bed we left in the UK!

3 best foodie things
chocolate covered afghan biscuits - yum yum yum
fish from the fish and chip shop - and that's from someone who doesn't like fish
fresh fruit from the farm up the road

3 foodie things you miss about the UK
marmite – though Eco Sis has sent me some sachets to keep me going [aww, how sweet]
the huge range of baby snacks you can get at tescos
Tescos own Jaffa cakes

Munchkin's 3 cutest words
Bebey - means dummy and he whispers it when he wants it [I adore that part!]
Bease - please

Munchkin's 3 best animal noises
Barking like a dog - very realistic
snap and clapping hands for a crocodile
kind of raspberry through closed lips for an elephant [pretty impressive, eh?]

If Munchkin could talk like an adult, what would he say about being a kiwi?
He likes being outside whatever the weather, he loves the rain and he's quite keen on the whole barefoot idea.

3 things you would teleport to NZ if you could
My friends and family [awwwwwwww]
Central heating

NZ weather in 3 words
4 seasons in 1 day (3 words two numbers - cheating, I don't think so!)

How is Munchkin?!
Wonderful, a little grumpy when he wakes up - maybe more teeth. Laughs all the time, adores his Daddy at the moment - school holidays, will be tears when they end. A little sponge soaking everything up.

I almost cried when I read her answers – in fact, if I hadn’t been at work and about to see some students I probably would have done. Doesn’t The Munchkin sound like the cutest little love you ever heard of? I am glad to see that we come above Tesco in her list of things she’d like to have with her, anyway. And as to the chocolate-covered Afghan biscuits, I couldn’t resist giving these a go. I’ve never seen one so I have no idea if they look right, but they were from an authentically Kiwi recipe!

Thank you for answering my questions, Kiwi Sis, and for introducing yourself to blogworld. I miss you lots!!!! Kiwi Bro’s answers may follow shortly – the Sisses are all recklessly garrulous; the Bros all mindfully reflective. The Scientist still hasn’t added anything but Scientist to his six-word memoir, and I asked him about that WEEKS ago.


Johanna said...

that's such a nice way to keep in touch with family - I got excited at the menton of afghans - they are some of my fave biscuits from childhood and I will post about them at some stage!

Lysy said...

I'd love to know what they're supposed to be like - mine tasted a bit disappointingly bland. I'll look forward to that post!

Ricki said...

Hi Lysy,
Just found your blog via Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe, and so glad I did! I've been browsing and love your blog (and your reflections on blogging!). And lucky you--an excuse to visit New Zealand!

Katie said...

The picture looked a bit like them but not quite. Maybe I'll send you some to taste test and recreate.

Lysy said...

Thanks, Ricki - that's really sweet!

I'll trade you chocolate-covered Afghans for Tesco Jaffa cakes, Kiwi Sis!

LisaRene said...

Pleasure to meet your Kiwi Sis! We have all heard a lot about you and the Munchkin these past months.

Afgan biscuits are a new concept to me but they sound wonderful, my kind of cookie no egg and not overly sweet.

Could the Scientists second adjective be "procrastinator" ? :)