Thursday, 9 October 2008

It's a tough life

I sometimes wish I could be one of our cats. They don't have a hard life. The whole house is basically a series of beds as far as they're concerned; they get cuddles more or less on tap given how often at least one of us is working at home; and there are lots of nice fences and gardens to frolic in and sharpen their claws on when they decide to venture outside.

No deadlines, cleaning or worries about the global financial situation when you're a cat.

Just a little light sleeping (preferably on something which contrasts with your fur colour for maximum impact), some scary-wide-mouth-yawning, the odd potter to the food bowl, and frequent displays of cuteness to keep the strokes coming. Bliss.


Johanna said...

oh yes, I feel like a cat's life is a good one - last night we were watching television and turn around and there is Zinc curled up on my lap top having a lovely time (even though she knows she is banned from it). Seems they have no guilt either!

Lysy said...

Absolutely not! A laptop is a nice warm bed, isn't it? Like a clean jumper left out to air, or a temporarily-vacated spot on the sofa. Oh, they know who's boss!