Thursday, 6 November 2008

Seven things

I got given an award by Heather from SLO cooking. Isn't that sweet - thank you, Heather!

I get to display this very pretty image, and have to answer these '7 things'. I have discovered that it's quite to think of as many as 7 things about myself. I must be very consistent (trying to avoid the word 'dull' there!). But here goes:

7 things I did before
1. Did ballet for almost 20 years (wow that seems long!)
2. Had a Guinea Pig Appreciation Club with Dogophile Vegan Nurse when we were at school
3. Told Kiwi Sis and Eco Sis stories about 'When we were in Mummy's tummy' on long car rides (Munchkin Gramps is a paediatrician - it's not as weird as it sounds)
4. Wore an orthodontic brace which had enough hardware to power a small house (Junior Sis has to wear one now; I sympathise)
5. Spent 7 years at university
6. Made the bridesmaids dresses for Kiwi Sis and Scientist Sister's weddings
7. Lived in 10 different houses by the age of 14

7 things I do now:
1. Provide lap services on demand for our cats
2. Bake more than we can possibly eat
3. Spend more time some days immersed in the eighteenth century than the twenty first
4. Blog
5. Sew baby quilts for my friends and family
6. Make random purchases from health food shops and farmers' markets
7. Love my Scientist :)

7 things I want to do:
1. Meet my Munchkinette niece
2. Visit the Norse God in Vancouver
3. Finish my current book project
4. Play my recorder more often
5. Train the cats not to moult on everything or scratch the sofa
6. Keep my little fruit trees alive to bear fruit
7. Try cooking with the pack of kamut I have sitting in the storecupboard

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1-7: Being The Scientist

7 Favorite Foods:
1. Carob raisins and yogurt banana chips
2. Rachel's Organics rhubarb yogurt (but cow's dairy so I haven't had it in ages :( )
3. Mushrooms
4. Banana and vegemite on toast
5. The Scientist's leek and chickpea soup
6. Spelt and barley (and I'm hoping, kamut)
7. Nice fresh grainy bread

7 things I Say Most Often:
1. I think I dropped a needle...
2. Can I make you some dessert?
3. Could you fetch me x - I can't disturb the cat
4. I think you mean 'fewer' not 'less'
5. Aargh, I've run out of sugar/flour/butter/other vital ingredient for baking project
6. Can you explain what just happened in Heroes?
7. Has my hair gone frizzy?

I get to nominate some other people, but it's taken me so long to think of all these 7 things that I'm too exhausted! If you're reading this and fancy giving it a go, consider yourself nominated!


Johanna said...

A very entertaining list - not at all dull! I could relate to some of the cats and cooking things - and I worry about our fruit trees too! But needles and sewing just seem foreign to me (though I wish it wasn't so)

Lysy said...

I'm glad you think so. I think that The Scientist wishes that stray pins were more foreign to our house as well!

Sallie said...

Lysy: Love the package - thanks received upon my arrival at home from London - yes, I was there for 3 weeks with my daughter and her newest addition - a baby girl. Will take pictures soon and post them. Again, many thanks for the lovely, thoughtful package. Sallie

Eco Sis said...

i can attest that the stories of mummy's tummy were very entertaining. i believe we had beds and chests of drawers in there, although i can't quite remember what we did all day...

ps how's tuesday for lunch at B?


Anonymous said...

all I can say is lucky scientist

Granny Munchkinx

Lysy said...

I think we did lots of entertaining things, like trampolining and hmm, well I'm sure they were very exciting. And we definitely each had furniture!

Lunch on Tuesday would be great!

Kiwi Sis said...

It is as wierd as it sounds but was very entertaining at the time! Am very touched that your no 1 thing you want to do is meet EPie as she is known here.