Sunday, 9 November 2008

When the cat's away, the mouse will eat mushrooms (and tofu noodles)

I have been feasting on mushrooms while The Scientist has been away. I bought a fancy mixed box from the market on Sunday and they have been turned into a risotto, a fried rice and egg dish, and this good-dinner-dance-inducing tofu noodle dish. I read various recipes for mushroom stroganoffs and stir fries, and I don't really know what mine was in the end - apart from tasty. I knew I wanted the main tastes to be the mushrooms and tofu unadulterated by a tomato sauce, so in the end I kept it simple, stir fried the tofu, then separately cooked the mushrooms with a bit of soy sauce, garlic and stock, and then added the tofu back in to finish off, with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast for a nice cheese taste. I served it on noodles and it was just what I had hoped - very mushroomy and nicely cheesey. I was only sorry I hadn't made more for another day.

Stir fried mushrooms and tofu with noodles
About 100g of firm tofu, cut into squares
About two big handfuls of mushrooms (mine included shitake, enoki, chestnut and oyster), sliced into chunks
Clove of garlic, finely sliced
Nutritional yeast

Dust the tofu with some plain flour and a little paprika. Mine was still quite bland after cooking so I'd be more generous with the paprika next time - although the final dish was still tasty.

Heat a little oil in a wok. When it's hot, add the tofu and stir fry for five minutes or so, until just crispy. Remove tofu from wok.

Add a little more oil and stir fry the garlic and mushrooms with a splash of soy sauce for a few minutes. Add a little stock, just to cover. Cover the mushrooms with a lid and allow to cook for about five minutes. There should still be a bit of stock left in the pan.

Put the noodles on to cook. Add the tofu to the mushrooms and cook for a few more minutes. Add a bit more stock if you're worried it's too dry. The noodles should be cooked: drain and add to the pan with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast. Taste and season.

Boil water for noodles.


Johanna said...

Sounds like good simple indulgent bachelor food! Your photos make me want some lovely flat noodles - the sort we don't have very often here!

Lysy said...

I love them! I got them from a Chinese supermarket in Birmingham (I have to be careful not to get too giddy when confronted with so many sorts of noodles)