Thursday, 6 November 2008

Marshmallow ghosts for gamers

The Scientist has gone to a role playing convention with some friends for four days. I miss him already, but I have tried to dull the pain by baking some of the things I had on my 'oooh, that looks nice' list (or more properly, the 'nom nom nom list') for him to take away with him. These were a fun last-minute surprise addition to the pile. I got the recipe from (I think) Sainsbury's magazine and they're part of a set sponsored by a big breakfast cereal company all featuring - well, you can guess. I immediately leapt up to the moral high ground when I saw the advert but thought that the ghosties were so cute that I went out and spent twice as much on an organic brand of puffed rice cereal just to show them. Bah!

The ghosts were really easy to make, but were very messy. I think that children would have a lot of fun helping to make them, but that you would then have to spend a lot of time unsticking said children from everything they had touched. They are also not, in the state I made them, vegetarian, as they have marshmallows in them. But you can get veggie marshmallows if you look a bit so they could be made vegetarian pretty easily.

All you do is melt a bit of butter (I used marge) with the marshmallows until they are a completely goopy puddle. Then you stir in the cereal, and while it's warm, form into ghost shapes and roll in desiccated coconut. Stick on little currant eyes and a mouth, and you're all set for spooking. I had some mixed dried fruit but I couldn't find enough currants in it, so my ghosts have quite large eyes, and dried peel for mouths instead of o-shaped cereal. I like it that one of them looks like it has a beak :) I can't report on how they taste as I am awaiting a report from The Scientist and his buddies. I think that probably my cereal was less sweet than the big brand, but I'm hoping that the marshmallow and coconut will make up for that. And if it doesn't, they have a LOT of other sweet things to make up for it!

Marshmallow ghosts (recipe from this big corporation - though the picture on my recipe card looked like the ones I made)


Johanna said...

Those look v cute - probably lots of fun to make and lots of cleaning up aftewards!

SkyHammer said...

Those look awesome!

Stephanie said...


What was the convention? Matt is curious, though being overseas, he may not have heard of it.

Lysy said...

I'm glad you like them! They were very fun to make, but melted marshmallow is weirdly stringy and sticky! Fortunately it also soaks off easily :)

I promise to make them for you when we make it over to Vancouver, Skyhammer!

Stephanie: the convention is called Indiecon. It's quite new though, so Matt may not have heard of it. The Scientist was very enthusiastic about it, and I'm waiting to hear how it's going (and how many MORE dice he's going to be bringing home!)

Eco Sis said...

soooo cute!