Tuesday, 1 September 2009


This week we went on a special trip. We got in our car one morning, and we drove down the motorway for a long-awaited reunion. And at the other end was a small person we'd never met before, and a wrapped up sleeping slightly bigger person with jet lag. And there was a Munchkin Granny with a very big smile on her face, and a long-missed sister and brother-in-law.

Yes, Kiwi Family are home.

It was strangely normal to see them - I hadn't been sure if I'd blub all over the doorstep or greet them as though we only saw them two days ago. In the event, no tissues were necessary, despite there being a whole new member of the family, and the Munchkin now being a proper talking, laughing, joking little boy. We were just so pleased that they're going to be around from now on that we picked up straight where we left off.

So what does this mean for Munchkin Mail? Well, although its original purpose is now defunct, it has become other things, and so I think I'm going to carry on with it anyway. It might not be keeping in touch with a Munchkin and his growing family any more, but I've come to value it as a way of linking up with lots of other far-flung people, from Vancouver, to Pasadena and Melbourne, to Cambridge, Leeds and London. And without it we might never eat another Aztec grain or tofu-based dessert again, and that would be sad. Besides, my semester starts next month, and I think I'm ready for another Great Cookie Challenge (and this time I have a little Munchkin helper to assist The Scientist in his quality-control duties) :)


Johanna said...

how lovely for you to have your family home - I sometimes wish my family on the other side of the globe were in Melbourne so I could see them more often and spend less time posting photos.

I am also glad the blog is continuing - the Munchkin family still might enjoy it around the corner (figuratively speaking) and can now be part of it in another way - and I am looking forward to the next cookie challenge - I am into cut out cookies just now - bought some new cutters yesterday

Julie said...

Please keep blogging - coming on here every few days is one of my treats! I have also been inspired to try some recipes - the tomato and cabbage pilau is now a favourite or, rather, my alternative version with spinach and (occasionally) mushrooms is. I also made the Moosewood mushroom and barley soup the other day - a milder flavour than I was expecting, but it grew on me. Hope we can still meet up at some point soon.xxx

Lysy said...

Aw, I feel all fuzzy. Thank you both!

I'm glad you've had success with some of the recipes, Julie. I'd forgotten about that pilau myself - I might go and revisit it with some chard we have kicking about!