Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Waste-not-want-not leftover butter icing cookies

I think that the name of these biscuits may not catch on - not as snapping as 'choc chip' or 'ginger-nut', eh? They were an experiment to avoid having to throw away the leftover butter icing from the cricket tea limey cupcakes (yes, this was a while ago now!). It occurred to me that it's just basically butter and sugar, which are two of the main constituents of baked goods anyway - plus they were already flavoured with lime juice and a bit of vanilla. So I added a bit more of both to give them an oomph, and then added flour to the icing until it looked like cookie dough. I had no real idea if it was going to work, especially without adding egg (which I was avoiding as it conveniently comes in one or none) - but it did! You can see from the pictures that the cookies spread a lot, which I think has something to do with the proportion of butter, and they were quite buttery - in an acceptable cookie way. I was pleased because they still tasted of lime. I took them to my sewing group, and gave the rest to our administrator at work, who has booked a lot of meeting rooms for me this semester! Plus, if you've used non dairy marge, they're even vegan :)

Waste-not-want-not leftover butter icing cookies:
Get leftover butter icing, add flour until it's thick and looks like cookie dough. Rest in fridge, roll into balls, and bake 12-15 minus in a moderate oven (or longer if it needs it - I'm sure this will depend on the individual batch).


Jacqueline said...

Clever you! They did work well and they look chewy, which is what I like in a cookie :)

Johanna GGG said...

I love the idea - in fact I still have icing leftover from E's birthday cake but it is grey so I just don't know if I could bear grey biscuits but I think this would be very welcome by E - we could even add choc chips to make choc chip cookies!

Lysy said...

They were indeed nice and chewy :) I think choc chips would be a great way to go - can't believe I didn't think of that! Perhaps you could tint them pink or something :)

Eco Sis said...

oooooo, this looks like a yummy chewy Ben's cookie kind of cookie.... mmmmmmmmmmmm..... can we put in some advance orders for Hay ;)

Dr E