Saturday, 21 June 2008

100th post, and a cake to celebrate

This is my 100th post - I can't quite believe it. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or embarrassed to have inflicted so many words on anyone who reads this. Either way I moved swiftly on from self-reflection to selecting a cake to make in celebration. I've been really good about only baking when I have an immediate outlet recently - and the freezer does not count as an outlet, sadly. I've had a yen to make a swiss roll for absolutely ages, but with no outlet, no roll. Tonight, however, we're going for dinner at Vicki and Paul's house, and I thought probably they wouldn't mind if I turned up with a dessert :)

There are several reasons I've been wanting to make a swiss roll. Firstly, they are absurdly easy and taste extremely nice. Secondly, they look fun. Thirdly, Munchkin Granny went through a phase of making them for us when we were little so they have nice memories attached to them (she had a chocolate version and a plain one). Fourthly, you can jazz them up to the heavens with fruit and cream, or you can keep them simple. Fifthly (and most importantly), I wanted to use up the last of my heavenly rhubarb and vanilla jam before it headed off to the great preserves cupboard in the sky.

I used a fatless whisked sponge cake recipe for my cake just because that was the one I'd found most recently, but you can just as successfully use your favourite Victoria sponge cake recipe and bake it in a Swiss roll tin. I actually meant to add chopped strawberries to the jammy filling as well,but clean forgot until the cake was all rolled up. I tried out baking the cake on my reusable silicone baking sheet thing (part of my obsession with not using disposable items if I can avoid it) and it was very easy to peel off. Unfortunately you still need another sheet to invert the cake onto, but I will work at making that stage environmentally friendly too next time.

I haven't tried the cake yet as I thought turning up with a partially-eaten cake was a bit less classy. Happily though, one of the stages in the recipe involves trimming the cake, and The Scientist reported that the trimmings were very good. I was too busy licking the jam spoon. Happy 100th post, Munchkin Mail!

Jammy swiss roll (from Martha Day's Complete Baking)

Serves 6-8
3 eggs
115g caster sugar, plus extra for sprinkling
75g plain flour, sifted
1 tbsp boiling water
6 tbsps jam (the original recipe was for peach, but I used rhubarb this time and I'm sure any
other would work beautifully too. Mind you, I haven't tasted it yet]
icing sugar, for dusting

Preheat oven to Gas 6/200 C. Grease a 12x8 Swiss roll tin and line with non stick baking paper. Combine the eggs and sugar in a bowl. Beat with an electric whisk until thick and mousse like (when the whisk is lifted, a trail should remain on the surface of the mixture for 15 seconds [I have to admit that I didn't get it quite to this stage, though probably beat for about 5 mins. It was still quite thick though, and turned out fine]

Carefully fold in the flour with a large metal spoon, then add the boiling water in the same way.

Spoon into the prepared tin, spread evenly to the edges and bake for about 10-12 mins until the cake springs back when lightly pressed.

Spread a sheet of greaseproof paper on a flat surface, sprinkle it with caster sugar, then invert the cake on top. Peel off the paper.

Neatly trim the edges of the cake [and feed to appreciative boyfriend]. Make a cut two-third of the way through the cake, about 1cm from the short edge nearest you [presumably this makes it easier to start rolling]

Spread the cake with the jam and roll up quickly from the partially cut edge. Hold in position for a minute, making sure the join is underneath [I forgot - no ill consequences]. Cool on a wire rack. Dust with icing sugar before serving.


Wendy said...

Happy 100th! Swiss roll reminds me of children's birthday parties, and that is no bad thing! :)

LisaRene said...

Wow, 100 posts! Amazing how time flies by. I'm glad you are enjoying blogging and hope to see many more posts to come!

Swiss Roll's always seem very elegant and classy to me, very nice choice of dessert.

Johanna said...

congratulations on 100 posts - a fine collection of words - much better than a lot of the drivel on the net! And I like your swiss roll - I keep thinking I should get one of those silicone mats so glad to hear yours is working well

Lysy said...

Awww, thank you for the nice comments. And I'm glad you all liked the look of the swiss roll. It went down very well at our friends' house, and was a fitting farewell to the lovely jam. Now I want to make a chocolate one, or one with cream, or ice cream, or fruit....

Anonymous said...

apart from the enthusiasm, passion and wonderful pictures this blog is like a gateway into our family memories. So easy to pootle along [I think that may be a singularly G.Munchkin word] and miss out on experiencing the good times.
Thank you

Lysy said...

Oh, that's so sweet, GM! I'm glad you enjoy reading it, and I think that pootle must be a family word!

Katie said...

I feel forgotton - I made a jamy swiss roll for munchkin's first birthday at Centre Parcs. Humph.

Lysy said...

Oh Kiwi Sis, I'm sorry! You surpassed yourself so much with cakes that weekend that I forgot the details!