Thursday, 12 June 2008

A little give-away

I took another little craft project on holiday with me, apart from The Grub's quilt. Aren't they cute (if I say so myself)?! I can't take the creative credit - they're based on a template by Hannah Kaminsky of Bittersweet blog. I adapted what was a pear to become a strawberry as my apple was already filling the green slot, and was quite pleased with how his little fringe turned out. In fact, they've grown on me so much, sitting on the fridge for the last week, that I think I'm going to have to make another set to keep. Because these little buddies are off in the post to four people tomorrow - leave me a comment if you get one through your letterbox!


Ilana said...

i did not get one through my letterbox... it mysteriously flew all the way to my fridge by itself! and i must say, Mr Apple continues to look quite shocked about it :)

maybe i will try and make him a friend, do you have any of your million magnets left?

thank you! xxx

Lysy said...

How odd! Maybe he hitched a lift on someone's bike?

I do have the odd half million magnets left, and I'm sure that Mr Apple would love a friend to make up for losing his fruity family! I will bring you some tomorrow. xxx

Tracy said...

What a fun surprise - a little orange from Leamington in my work post! I love it and so does your Birthday Buddy, who thinks it's his very own "Kolobok" (a Russian fairytale character rather like the gingerbread man but in the shape of a dough ball). BB keeps taking it off the fridge and showing everyone, telling them "Tante Lysa sent me a Kolobok!"

Thank you! xx Tracy

Lysy said...

I'm so pleased that BB likes his 'kolobok' (that is, of course, exactly what it was). I didn't have your new home address so thought I'd send you a surprise to your office!

I hope the family's all well xxx

katie said...

The banana turned up in New Zealand!! Along with all sorts of other goodies. I'm afraid munchkin is not convinced it's a banana though likes to wander around holding it!

Thank you.

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