Sunday, 15 June 2008

A huge mallowy flop - and a semi resurrection

I'm sorry to report, for those who were interested in the vegan marshmallows, that they were a complete and utter disaster. Not since a very young Scientist forgot that blenders have lids has there been such a sorry mess-up in the kitchen. My marshes simply lacked mallow. They remained like a pool of slightly liquid syrup and had neither substance nor structural integrity. Unlike the smoothie-making Scientist, however, I went back for more. Finding that my sweets had not miraculously turned into the white fluffy delights I'd imagined overnight, I tried again with another mini batch in the morning. This time I boiled the syrup more vigorously (golden syrup, sugar and a little water) before adding it to the veggie-gelatin and water. Instead of the food processor, I also used an electric balloon whisk in the hope that it would get more air into the mixture. I have the sore wrist to prove my efforts, but alas - it had no discernible impact on the marshmallows. I clingfilmed the mix up anyway, stashed it in the fridge, and went away for the weekend. When I got back tonight, it was still a pool of syrupy goop. There is no conceivable way you could put this on a skewer and toast it.

What to do? I'd already thrown away the original batch, and was determined not to be completely bested again. So I did a little lateral thinking, spooned the mixture into a saucepan, added some cornflakes and a crushed up weetabix, and heated it gently with a few squares of chocolate thrown in. May I present my 'marshmallows':

At least something was salvaged, but I am still intrigued about this recipe. I'm very reluctant to write it off as Nicole from Baking Bites who posted it swore by it, and her pictures show that it works. I've never cooked with veggie gelatin before, but I followed the instructions on the box as to quantities. I didn't use a proper stand mixer, but did get a lot of air in with my balloon whisk. There just seemed to be nothing to make it fluff up. All the other recipes I've found, including one by the eminently trustworthy Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, use egg whites, but I don't really like ending up with a lot of yolks - and of course then they're not vegan any more, if that's an issue. I'm determined not to give up, so if anyone has any tips or alternative recipe suggestions, please do let me know!


LisaRene said...

It is so frustrating when a recipe doesn't turn out as expected. Nice save adding the cereal and chocolate, it bet it tasted quite good :) Cereal and marshmallow treats are a childhood favorite that I must revisit on occasion but I have never made them with the addition of chocolate! A must try when I next get the craving!

Johanna said...

my mum made a slice with weetbix and chocolate that had cocoa on top so I think your recipe rescue might have been just like this - which makes me think it must be v good - and also makes me think I should try veg marshmallows for myself sometime. Will look forward to hearing about your next try (and am sure it will result in something equally delicious)

Lysy said...

I have to admit that they did taste quite good, and I think that I actually got the idea to include a weetabix from a New Zealand recipe site, so it must be an antipodean thing! The chocolate definitely makes a nice addition.

Good luck if you try the marshmallows, Johanna - they're little fiends!

Bron said...

This is really late in the day to write this, but I found this post on my mission to find a Vegan recipe! I totally empathise, my batch went exactly the same; a thick, unshapeable toffee. Not giving up though, apparently liquid glucose is good substitue for light corn syrup that a lot of American recipes use.