Friday, 27 June 2008

Six months down

It is six months today since Kiwi Family boarded a plane for their big adventure Down Under. I thought about writing this post yesterday so that Kiwi Sis could read it on the right day - but then I realised that it's probably not yet six months since they arrived. The journey seems interminable from this end when you include the time change. Munchkin Granny is flying out from here on Monday and doesn't arrive until Wednesday (I hope she's got a good book or three. Actually I don't think she has any room for books at all what with all the jaffa cakes, marmite and babygros she taking out there!)

Six months seems like a very long time, especially when there's a small Munchkin busy growing up and learning new words every day. I prefer it this way: it's six months closer to seeing you all again. At any rate, it seemed like such a notable date that Noodle decided it was time to leap from his fruit bowl and mark the occasion in his own little way. Yes, we ate a jaffa cake in your honour, Kiwi Family. You don't get much more momentous than that.

So, this led me to reflect on what has happened in the last six months. Hmmm, I have given some lectures, made a lot of cakes, set up my stately new office space, finally put up some of our pictures, and done a lot of sewing on baby quilts. Pooky has looked wide eyed a lot, and piggle has lost her collar and is running around naked (this just happened yesterday and I still think it's funny to say that). And The Scientist has taken up poker, eaten some of my cakes, and continued his drive to become Master Of All Science. Bah, I see your emigration, new job, hugely increased vocabulary and almost-fully-gestated foetus and raise you a frozen brownie. And a Tesco's own jaffa cake.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Speaking of cakes - just letting you know that the solstice cake round-up went up a couple of days ago. Thanks for your contribution.

Ilana said...

hee hee :)

i wish i had thought of such an excuse to eat jaffa cakes...

kiwi sis said...

I'm so rubbish. I only just read the blog and so missed the whole jaffa cake celebration! Mum failed completely to provide us with jaffa cakes but the challenge has been set for the next batch of family on their way!

Love you for all the thoughts