Saturday, 28 June 2008

Rah, pimms

It's summer. It's Wimbledon. It's time for Pimm's. After looking interestedly at the inevitable displays of Pimm's in the supermarket every summer for the last six years or so, I finally bought a bottle today, and we're having a glass right now as an aperitif before going out for dinner. I served it in champagne flutes to try and look posh, with the traditional mint, cucumber and strawberries floated on the top, but I read in the leaflet that came with the bottle that actually it should be served in a highball glass. The reason that neither of us knew how it should be served is because we've almost always encountered it in a plastic pint glass before. I know, classy. The Scientist and I both did our degrees at Oxbridge, where no occasion in the summer term ('Trinity' if you went to the sensible university, 'Easter' if you went to the crazy one in the Fens) was complete without more Pimm's than you should ever drink in one sitting. Croquet on the quads, watching the rowing by the river, finishing Finals; all were toasted with plastic pint glasses of Pimm's. My undergraduate college even had a Pimm's officer to make sure that every finishing finalist got their half bottle allowance. All very Brideshead, I know, but as you long as you keep your tongue in your cheek and your best post-modernist ironic mortarboard on, the Oxbridge experience is something to be relished and looked back on with fondness. Now we're going out for sushi, which probably isn't the traditional post-Pimm's cuisine, but as I said - everything is improved with a glass of the summer nectar. Anyone for croquet?

Cheers! Note my thriving rhubarb, squash and blueberry plants in the background. I'm so proud!


LisaRene said...

I was just organizing my "challenge" post and of course I prepared a Pimm's no. 1 cup to go with my English Hamper :)

Sadly I have been too busy to cook much lately. Seems like we are eating out a ton and the little bit of cooking I have done are recipes I have already posted. I have noticed that a lot of bloggers seem to be posting less often in the past months. I suspect people travel more in the summer and in general are just out and about enjoying themselves.

Johanna said...

very amusing - I confess to never having had pimms - was mostly beer at events at my university - just what you would expect down under I guess :-)

your garden looks like a relaxing place to sit outside